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Taxi Account Work

The UK’s transportation industry is growing very fast, with many transportation companies striving to take the travel service delivery to the next level. Tourism, trade, and sports are some of the economic activities that have contributed to the exponential growth of the transportation industry. As people continue to travel in and out of the United Kingdom, there has been an increasing need for a reliable, convenient, and affordable means of transport.

Over ten years ago, Leadx Taxis, one of the leading transportation service providers in the UK, was set up to take care of the growing need for faster, reliable, and highly convenient means of transport. The company offers taxi services, minibus hire services, and coach hire services. We cater to all travellers’ needs 24 hours each day. If a customer wants to travel from a nearby airport to a specific destination, from one attraction site to another, or even they intend to catch the next flight, Leadx Taxis focuses on making sure that the traveller is where he or she needs to be at a specific time.

As a reputable company, we uphold transparency and accountability. We also comply with all legal regulations. Working with us means that you will have joined a family of dedicated individuals who not only complies with the law and delivers top quality travel services but also works together to earn more expertise and experience in their specific areas of specialisation.


Why us?
Given the exponential growth of the transportation industry over the last couple of years, the provision of travel services has always been a green pasture for every driver and anyone else with money skills and business management expertise. Leadx Taxis is offering you a chance to take advantage of this opportunity by working for us as accounts experts.

Note that our company has an unmatched reputation and has expanded its operations to nearly all the major cities across the UK. In addition to making a good monthly income, you will enjoy the privilege of joining one of the fast-growing and most reputable transportation brands in the United Kingdom. Besides, you will join a family of focused professionals whose primary aim is to offer every traveller an outstanding travel experience.

Generally, getting started with us is easy. All you need is to get the right certification and have experienced in handling company accounts. Leadx Taxis provides regular pieces of training and workshops to our employees. This is a good opportunity for you to earn better experience and probably take your expertise to an entirely new level. Therefore, joining our team will not be a waste of your time.

Over the years, Leadx Taxis has been expanding its operations, and this is the reason we intend to partner with you. We are presenting you with an opportunity to make a good income, and in return, we expect you to take part in helping us achieve our corporate objectives.

Become A Partner

We are currently seeking LeadX Taxi Partners in all areas of the UK.