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Taxi Contract Work

Generally, many big airports are located outside big cities, and that means travellers must get a reliable means of transport to move from the airport to the city. This is where Leadx Taxis come in. We have been providing outstanding airport transfers for more than a decade and currently we are expanding our operations. This is the main reason we are seeking to partner with taxi drivers interested in taxi contract work.

One unique thing about being a taxi driver is that you will be self-employed. However, you will need to pay our company a small monthly fee as we will offer you a vehicle and other resources you need to serve our customers. Besides, Leadx Taxis is a big and highly reputable transportation service provider. That means you can easily get customers regardless of the city you are operating from. Over the last couple of years, or fame our services has grown like wildfire and that’s good news for all our current drivers and those interested in working with us.

Note that our human resource department has made easier for all drivers with the right experience to join our team. One of the things you must have is a valid driver’s license. In all types of business, a license is an indicator that the person or entity holding it is permitted by the law to offer the services or products they are offering. At Leadx Taxis, we have always compliant with the legal requirements governing the transportation industry and we wish to keep our name clean. One way of doing so is by making sure each of our drivers is licensed.


Experience is another quality you must have. Remember, you will be serving travellers from all walks of life and working with a reputable transportation company. The last thing we expect from any of our drivers is reckless or incompetent driving. You must have experience in picking and dropping travellers and also be a little bit conversant with the road network in the city you wish to work from. That way, it will be easier for the driver to offer flawless travel services to our clients.

Leadx Taxis is among the most reputable companies providing minibus hire, coach hire, and taxi services across the United Kingdom. The company has been running for more than ten years, thanks to the great management team and service delivery staff members. Joining our team as a driver presents you with a chance to offer great travel services while enjoying support from our team.

Become A Partner

We are currently seeking LeadX Taxi Partners in all areas of the UK.