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Taxi Driver Jobs

Leadx Taxis is among the most reputable companies offering transportation services in all major cities across the United Kingdom. The company has been running for more than ten years. Over the years, we have acquired all the resources required in the process of delivering top quality services to all travellers arriving at all major airports in the UK and local travellers as well. If you intend to part of a larger transportation brand, you may want to become our driver.

The core values of our company are one of the things that set us apart from our competitors. We believe in offering excellent travels while ensuring that our drivers and other staff members have everything they need to deliver these services.  For instance, we have acquired enough top quality cars, and that means each of drivers can pay a monthly fee and get a taxi to deliver the right services to our customers without unnecessary delays associated with an inadequate number of vehicles.

Note that we care so much about our employees, and that’s the reason we always offer regular pieces of training to ensure that they understand the industry trends. Also, regular pieces of training increase their expertise and driving experience, the two most essential aspects every driver must have. Therefore, working with us guarantees both income and a chance of becoming a better driver.

Why us?


Make better income

One of the fast-growing industries in the United Kingdom is the transportation industry. As the trade, tourism, sports, and other economic sectors continue to grow, the need for faster, more liable, convenient, and affordable means of transport. This is where we come in. That means joining our team of drivers means you will have access to a large number of travellers who choose our services. This is a good chance for an experienced driver to make a good income.

24/7 support

At Leadx Taxis, we offer all our drivers the right resources they need to perform their duties. Whether you are battling with a vehicle breakdown and you require our help to get your clients to their preferred destination, or you need help to connect with a certain client at the airport, our support team will always offer you everything you need to deliver excellent services.

It’s easy to get started

Note that you don’t need money to partner with us. You will making an affordable monthly payment, and we will offer you all the resources you require to be a taxi driver. Also, you must be a certified driver with a valid driving license. At Leadx Taxis, we comply with the regulations governing the transportation industry.

You should also be able to communicate in English. This will make it easier for you to understand your customers’ travel needs. It will increase the chance of delivering excellent services. Contact us for more details.

Become A Partner

We are currently seeking LeadX Taxi Partners in all areas of the UK.