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Taxi Jobs

Leadx Taxis is one of the top transportation companies offering taxis services across the United Kingdom. It is a well-established and trustworthy service provider that has been serving its clients for more than a decade. Over the years, we have earned outstanding fame in the provision of taxi services, minibus hire, and coach hire services. We have learned what it takes to deliver excellent travel services and acquired all the resources we need to offer these services.

Additionally, we are a highly competent and competitive company with professionally trained and dedicated staff members. If you are trained, licensed, and experienced vehicle driver, you may want to join this team of professionals. Note that our staff members are dedicated to their duty and never give up until they have offered the best service to our customers. If you wish to join such a great team and work together to deliver excellent transportation services across the United Kingdom, contact us.

Why us?


We, at Leadx Taxis offer every cab driver an excellent opportunity to earn better income while serving our customer in nearly all cities and towns across the United Kingdom. As much as you will have to pay a certain monthly fee to our company, we will give you a high-quality vehicle to serve our customers. Note that the company's fame has grown over the years, and that means you will have access to our large clientele in London, Manchester, Liverpool, and other cities across the country.



Any personal finance expert will tell you that you need capital to start a good investment. Leadx Taxis is presenting you with a chance to make a better income that can cater to your daily needs and savings. Actually, working with us means that you can achieve financial stability and with time, you can set your own investments.


Leadx Taxis is a company that cares about its employees. We offer24/7 support to our drivers. Whenever you experience any issue with the vehicle, or you simply have concerns that require our attention, you can always contact our employee support team. Whether you are experiencing a vehicle breakdown and need help to get your customers to get to their destination in time or you have a simple enquiry, you can rest assured of getting the support you need to work well.

Getting started is easy

First, you should be able to speak in fluent English. It makes it easier for you, the driver, to understand the needs of our customers. Remember, effective communication is essential when it comes to delivering excellent travel experience.

You also need to have a valid driver’s license. To work with us, you must comply with all UK’s legal requirements regarding driving licenses. Lastly, you must be an experienced driver. Leadx Taxis is a reputable company, and we wish to keep it that way. Thus, we value experienced drivers who can deliver top-quality travel services to our customers.

Become A Partner

We are currently seeking LeadX Taxi Partners in all areas of the UK.